Darling In The Franxx

5 Netflix Anime Shows To Watch During MCO

Netflix is one of the most successful streaming apps that allows members to watch TV shows and movies by subscriptions where you can enjoy your marathon without commercials and ads on an internet-connected device. Although it has a feature of downloading your favorite shows and movies to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 devices and watching without your internet, it can be slow at snail’s pace when it is not at the best speed. You can solve that by using Time home fibre Malaysia for fast connection with Time 100mbps Malaysia and experience lag-free Netflix.

COVID-19 barely showed any signs of slowing down which secluded us longer at our houses. Surely, you need to pass the time after working from home with funky animations to fresh up your day. Watching anime is a must in your bucket list, and here are top 10 anime shows to watch on Netflix:

Tokyo Ghoul

What if you woke up to a body that you least expected without your own will and what would you do to survive as a double life? This popular anime is filled with twisted plot and achingly good character relationships that opens up what draws the line between living as a normal and the abnormal at the same time questioning between what is humane and what is inhumane. Tokyo Ghoul is specialized in that kind of theme, displaying the struggle of coexistence between humans and ghouls.

Darling In The Franxx

If you are a sucker for mechas, Darling in the Franxx will be your cherry on top. The scientific-like mechanism of using the robots involving one boy and one girl separates the usual system other technological animes applied in the story. However, no matter their age, children will still be children, thus the existential crisis the characters had to endeavour of their reason for life besides living as killing machines to serve for the ambiguous higher ups.

Violet Evergarden

Are you a hopeless romantic with a bit of angst on the side? To search the meaning of the three letters – “I love you” – may be easy for the common folk, but it is not the same case for Violet, our beautiful war-killing machine who, after the battle, lost her precious someone. Due to her lack of human connection, the character explores what love means and to work on her emotionally detached self through ghostwriting.


A matured version of Zootopia, as viewers would call it. The story revolves around the
coexistence of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores – mainly in the school setting –
where the animals live as students and human-like lifestyles. Despite other animes have done this, Beastars is one of the kind as it explores school bullying, slut-shaming, survival-to-the-fittest and other toxicities humans endure in real life.

The Promised Neverland

Living in the comfort of your home as a child may be your haven, until one day you learn the dark secret of your belonging. The Promised Neverland has a thrilling story following a group of innocent children victimized and manipulated by adults as well as how they escape through it through brains and brawns. The cold yet warm theme of the show can really send shivers up your while giving you heartaches about the fates of the characters.

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