E-sports Players: How Can You Remain Healthy?

Our great grandfathers imagined a flying car for the year 2020, but really, could they have imagined playing sports without even moving from your bed? 

Life has gotten creative in a lot of ways since technology bloomed and E-sports is one of the biggest examples.

Esports players have a bad reputation among boomers and parents for being lazy but in reality, they are far from it.  Esports has many benefits, both mental and physical. People who play esports, even young gamers, are more likely to be better at coordination, teamwork and even discipline compared to others. Ask any esports player from your favorite players at esports Malaysia. They will tell you about the hard work and the equal reward for it. 

Any esports player understands how active and engaged they must remain to be a good esports player. To perform at an optimal level, e-sports players must not only work and practice their technique but they must involve a good and healthy lifestyle. How can esports players remain healthy and active? 

  1. Exercise Regularly 

Exercise is important to everyone. Regularly exercising every day can have enormous health benefits. As an esports player, it helps you with your coordination skills, improved memory, and activeness as well as stamina. You will also be more energized and much more refreshed with daily exercise in your life. 

  1. Snack Healthy, Not Junk Food

Snacking is inevitable when you game for a prolonged period of time. But the deathly thing about snacking is even one finger-sized piece of snack can mount hundred of calories. You may not have time to cook gourmet healthy meals but invest in buying healthier snacking options such as fruits. Always keep a plate of healthy snacks and your favorite fruit nearby to avoid binging on unhealthy snacks. 

  1. Cut Out The Excessive Sugary Drinks 

Excessive sugars can give you an unnecessary adrenaline rush. It can also lead to deadly heart diseases and obesity. Avoid these health catastrophes and be mindful of staying hydrated as well. You can easily cut out on sugary drinks when you begin drinking 1 liter of water and stay full. 

  1. Get A Fixed Amount Of Scheduled Sleep 

Sleep is so important for our focus, mental health, and memory. Sleep keeps us active during the day. Sleep will decrease your chances of obesity and heart diseases. Sleep will also save you from irrational tantrums and help you manage anger. Keep track of your own sleep schedule by using health apps and try to get approximately 8 hours of sleep every day. 

Avoiding large meals right before sleep will help us sleep better at night. So time your meal schedules as well for the maximum amount of sleep. 

 With these four tips in mind, begin your health journey as an esports player. Being an indoor gamer or an esports player is not an excuse to skip on your daily dose of exercise, sunshine, and beauty sleep. Stay young, active, and engaged with our tips for a healthier lifestyle. 

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