Mont Kiara Properties Purchase: Things You Must Look Into

Be prepared to bargain for the purchase and decide on a counter offer, but always after you are sure of your accounts. If your budget can be anything, for example, don’t move from there. If that’s not enough, it’s not the home for you. It is useless to embark on debts and loans beyond your means.

Don’t be too hasty

The mont kiara property prices in certain areas are not always the same. They can increase or decrease according to the periods. For this, consider the purchase well. If you don’t have housing emergencies, wait for the best opportunity or move to cheaper areas. It is advisable to visit at least 3-4 properties before buying, in order to also understand if the price corresponds to the market value or is excessively unbalanced. Other expensive areas could include Desa Park City and Batu Caves.

Have you thought about the furniture?

If you budget for a house purchase, don’t forget to allocate extra money to furnish it. Furniture can cost a lot and there are things (like the kitchen, the appliances, and the bed) that you can’t do without. Evaluate these expenses carefully so that they are not too heavy a burden.

Renovation is no problem

If the house is in need of renovation, try to estimate the costs before buying it. A renovation can make the budget splash very high if it is not accompanied by at least a preliminary project. Getting a quote for the work done by the company without having a planimetric scheme or a metric calculation of what will be done specifically is very risky because the estimate could be too simplified compared to the real extent of the work. You may also be interested in how to build wooden houses: from design to construction.

Yes there is no agency

Real estate agents are used to negotiations. They will be able to advise you on the best steps to take to buy the house that’s right for you, offering substantial discounts to those who sell. If there is no brokerage agency, he tries several times to dialogue with the owner, trying to convince him to decrease the price. Make sure they are trustworthy to avoid scams. Another element to consider is the verification of whether the seller is under the community of property regime: in this case, the spouse must consent to the sale. If the seller is a business, make sure it’s not in bankruptcy.

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