Options Present At the shah alam condo

Buying a shah alam condo or a new house for sale in shah alam should start with drawing up a portrait of your ideal home. Decide what kind of apartment you need: how many rooms, total footage, layout, geographic location, the prestige of the area, level of repair. This will save a lot of time when choosing the right option. First, decide if you want an apartment in a new building or in the secondary market. 

If a new building, then find out about the plans for the development of the area, about the availability and future construction of the necessary household and social infrastructure: parks, schools, kindergartens, shops, hairdressers, etc.

If you want to buy an apartment on the secondary market, then find out as much as possible about the house itself: 

When major repairs are expected or carried out, are there any problems with water, heating, noise. Chat with neighbors; look for negative reviews on the Internet. Consider the technical condition of the housing. Each small problem will require elimination, and, consequently, additional financial investments. By the way, you can check with the previous owners about their plans for furniture. Often the owners leave a lot, it can either be used or sold.

We take the situation when you have already found an apartment for yourself and begin to prepare for its purchase.

The Most Important Matter

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide who will deal with the execution of the transaction and check the legal purity of the apartment. This is very important, since a real estate company or a realtor who helps you in a transaction is only responsible to you with the amount of their earnings, that is, a commission on the sale of an apartment. 

If it turns out that someone lives in the apartment, the apartment is pledged, and this was not found during the transaction, you will have to prove in court that you were deceived. In this situation, it is not a fact that you will return your money, except for the commission of the intermediary.

Checking the legal cleanliness of an apartment is not buying a phone, but a major investment in your future! The best practical advice: if you have money to buy a home, then still take money from a bank (preferably a state one) for a mortgage, at least 300 thousand dollars.

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