Media Conerter 101

Flexible and economical equipment for integrating and optimising fibre-converting in all networks are media conversion systems. A transceiver that transforms the electric signal that is used in the copper cable Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Network into light wave cables for fibre optic cables is a most common form of media converter. Fiber optic communication is required if the transmission distance of copper cabling exceeds the distance between two network devices. Converting copper to fibre by means of media conversions enables the connexion of two copper ports network devices through fibre optic cabling over extended distances. 

Ethernet converters are available as switching devices for physical layer or layer 2 and can provide speed switching and other advanced switching features such as VLAN tagging. Media converters generally are protocol specific and can accommodate a wide range of network types and data rates. Media converters can also transform multiplexing (WDM) applications between wavelengths. Media converters have become a Swiss army networking knife for convergence and fibre distance expansion, deployed through the Enterprise-, Government-, Data Center-, and Telecom Fiber networks.

Media converters’ advantages

The complexity of the network, the challenging applications and the number of network devices increase the drive speed and bandwidth requirements of the Local Area Network ( LAN). Digital conversion systems provide solutions to these problems through the use of the fibre when necessary and the introduction of new equipment into current cable infrastructure. The media converter ensures seamless copper and fibre integration in the company’s LAN networks of multiple fibre types. They support the creation of a stable and more cost-efficient network through a range of protocols , data rates and media types. Media converters do more than copper to fibre converts and converts among different types of fibre.

 Ethernet Network Media Converters can support integrated switching technologies and allow the output of 10/100 and 10/100/1000 rate switches. In addition, advanced features such as VLAN, Service quality (QoS) prioritisation, Port access control and bandwidth management can be enabled by media converters. These features make it easier for end users to deploy new content, voice and video. All of the sophisticated switch capabilities can be supported by media converters in a compact, cost efficient unit.

The advantages of fibre optic cable are used by media converters

Fiber can carry more data than copper cable over long distances, and increased distances allow more users and facilities to be reached. Since fibre has no electro-magnetic emissions, it has absolute immunity to electric interference and offers greater protection than co-cabling. Fiber has become the perfect platform for business, governmental and financial networks. Fiber network infrastructure-supported distances will mainly be limited by the optical power or luminosity of the active interface hardware. Depending on the form of media converter, cable, wavelength and data rate Fiber lengths can range from 300 to 160 kilometres.


Differences Between Ethernet Cables

Indeed there is a distinction between all these network cables. Outside, they look nearly identical, and each of them would connect into an ethernet socket, but underneath they do indeed have certain variations. If you are not sure exactly what sort cables you have, check at the text written on the cord — this should generally tell you the kind it is. The distinctions between each cable form can get really confusing but have a lot in there about network requirements, so we’ll tell you what you’d like to know about ethernet converter and how they can influence the pace of your local network in operation.

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Cat 5

An earlier form of network connectors is category 5 cabling, also known as Cat5. The potential velocities of 10Mbps and 100Mbps were provided by Cat5 cables. You might get gigabit on a Cat5 cable, specifically if the cord is short but it may not be assured. Because Cat5 is an older form of wiring, you possibly won’t see them around the store as much,  but maybe you’ve gotten any with an early router , switch, and perhaps other routing unit.


This is a version of enhanced Cat5 cable, also identified as Cat5e, is an upgrade on connectors in Cat5. It was developed to facilitate “gigabit” rates of 1000 Mbps, thus it is faster, in general, unlike Cat5. It also significantly reduces on intermodulation, the noise between electrodes within the cable that you can often receive. Some of these changes mean that, relative to Cat5, you are far more likely to have better, stable performance out of Cat5e wiring.

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Category 6 cabling is Cat5e’s next phase up, which contains a few more changes. When it comes to disruption it has much tougher standards, and in certain situations is capable of 10-Gigabit rates. Possibly you won’t need these rates in your home as well as the additional interference upgrades won’t make a significant difference in standard weight, so you don’t have to run out to update to Cat6 exactly. But if you purchase a new cable, you might as well, because it’s an upgrade over its ancestor.


Get On-Board With E-Commerce Now

In today’s technology advanced world, the internet is something used by everyone globally at all times. Thus, this is the perfect time for business owners to spread their wings and increase their profit margins. 

E-commerce is a great place to get into, particularly today, if you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or an investor with a little extra cash to start a new company. The tools and services are all set out for you, even as a novice in e-commerce. 

A good work ethic and a desire to excel are what you need and these are some of the reasons why it’s time for you to get into e-commerce now.

  • Lower operating costs

Setting up an e-commerce activity is very inexpensive thanks to the available low-cost platforms. These services make it easy for business people to start an online store with everything from an engaging, mobile-friendly website to payments to inventory and shipping management. 

They can also combine the management of revenue and inventory between the online and bricks-and-mortar activities.

There will be plenty of specifics to iron out and obstacles to resolve, of course, but your upfront cost will be relatively low, especially compared to setting up a physical store.

You can greatly increase your spending to increase your product offerings, do more targeted ads, create content and gradually develop a custom site as you become more popular. 

Nevertheless, doing all of these can be quite a handful so that is where Jumix comes to the rescue. This exceptional website design company can help manage these technicalities for you. 

  • Tracking Customers

Thanks to web analytics, the beauty of e-commerce is the amount of knowledge you can harvest about your clients.

You can monitor where they come from, where they go and what they buy on your platform. To optimise your online store, you can then use the data. 

What are the most popular items you have? Where are individuals leaving the site? What tweaks and promotions in design produce increased sales? To boost sales in your physical store, you can also use several of those insights.

Web Design layout sketch drawing Software Media WWW and Graphic Layout Website development project
  • Boost Customers Experience 

The ever-growing number of customers who prefer to shop online continues to rise, but many still want an in-store experience, the chance to touch and try products when seeking advice from their employees. 

An e-commerce platform offers the best of all worlds for consumers.

Your platform will have the ease of 24/7 shopping from anywhere for customers. With apps that allow consumers to inspect your products up close and talk with your employees, you can make the experience even better.

At the same time, by providing your workers with smartphones or tablets, you can use your e-commerce skills to boost your in-store experience. 

They will present items to customers online as they accompany them through your store and even take orders right on location.

  • Earn As You Sleep

Location is of primary importance for a brick and mortar firm. In terms of exposure and revenue, it can make a major difference. 

You can set up a storefront on your own domain name in ecommerce, and sell your goods internationally. To be seen around the world, you don’t need several storefronts.

Even e-commerce has a certain “passive” appeal to it, and while it is definitely possible to gain while you sleep, business owners should strive to use technology to develop their businesses at every level.

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How Casinos Know When Players are Cheatimg

If it is a game then there will be cheats and when there are cheats that means there are cheaters. Cheaters in gambling are not uncommon. They were bound to exist as gambling is a game where money is the focus of every game. 

That is why casinos have tight security now, they have dealers and such trained to suspect people with suspicious behavior and report them. Online casinos such as V3 Casino is one of them. Security at the casino can now do many things that were once impressive or thought impossible. Facial recognition technology is being implemented around the world at casinos, airports, and ports of entry.

But casinos are often so big, no way they can catch every cheater in the building right? There have been stories of some people getting away with it but cheaters are stopped more often than not before they can make off with some significant amount of cash. So how tight is casino security really? Casino security is identical to the security you’ll find at a bank or other high-profile institution. Here are some of the strategies that casinos use to catch cheaters.

Casino Staff

You have the floor hiring the dealers and the technicians. They are qualified to investigate suspicious behaviour. They should mention it to a manager, instead of questioning you. Usually there would be trained guards visibly standing on the floor or people might be watching an array of video monitors in the back room.

Cheaters are more likely to snatch chips or tickets from other players, do tricky things with the cards or add gadgets to slot machine games. The task of the floor employees in security is to report something suspicious to a supervisor or security. They are a network of intellectuals.

In countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom- all the countries with a lot of casinos all over their country,  the bigger casinos would open up to the media on how they handle security and how they would send in their workers for preparation. They have been exchanging details one with another.

Even the bigger casinos open up to the media on how they handle security. They send in their workers for preparation. They are exchanging details one with another. Most casinos employ seasoned experts in security who come in and give workshops about how players cheat. Often, they have feedback on safety protocols and programs.

Video Monitor

The blackjack card counters are where players are most likely to be caught cheating. Many people are inexperienced if they are counting cards. Security experts who talk about how card counters are captured say they usually know the counters operate in teams. They need to be conscious of what is being dealt with by everyone else. 

Card counters have to pay greater attention to cards of other players than non-counters. If the counters are strong performers then they will be more difficult to detect. Yet what they can’t so quickly alter is their looks. Real card counters therefore frequently resort to disguises.

The people who track the videos are searching for signs that you’re in disguise. They could be better than the average person at identifying wigs and extensions. But while card counters are relatively easy to spot casinos, they must resort to other methods of catching people who are cheating in other games. 

Using Math

When the dealers and pit bosses don’t see you counting cards effectively and if the guys in the video room skip all the signs, they’ll catch you in another way. They evaluate the results of any game and table. Such results are contrasted with the output of past months. 

These statistical systems measure their output data to models allowing for differences in all aspects of game play. Those models were developed using a lot of data by mathematics and statistics experts.

A mathematical model informs what usually happens to a casino. Someone forces the results beyond the predicted limits of the model, every now and then. Anomalies can occur so a player may be flagged by the casino for further inspection.

When a player plays regularly for a long period of time – say, several days in a row – it’s a bit too strange. The casino will be looking down and taking note. Repeat cheaters try to be clever, particularly on slot and video card games. They are going to spread their cheating across many casinos or they are going to play various games. And yet even the cleverest cheaters tend to leave fingerprints for the sleuths of the data to track. 

So if you want to cheat at casinos, just do not- or be extremely aware because no one can stop you and visit online live casino malaysia, to experience some good games.

Healthy Living

Organic vs Non Organic Foods

Have you ever heard of organic foods before ? Ever wondered what the difference between organic and non organic? Here we will explain what the fuss is all about, the pros and cons of the two and whether it is worth the extra expense to buy organic foods.

Organic vs Non-Organic

The difference between organic vs non organic foods

At the very basic of it, there is no significant difference between them. They both possess similar features and more than often taste the same too. The USDA describes organic products as agricultural produce that are cultivated and processed without the usage of industrial chemicals, herbicides and other prohibited materials. They specifically regulate this cycle as an attempt to preserve the food and the soil it develops on. Organic foods also possess the same amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients as their non-organic counterpart. In order for the food to receive a label from USDA, the farm needs to be verified on the way they cultivate crops and animals as well as their processing method. Simply put, foods containing lower levels of pesticides, GMO-free and fewer resistance or enhancement drugs are considered to be organic.

Pros and Cons

Now you know that there are no significant differences in the two, why should you purchase organic products? Well there are certain advantages if you choose to go organic. If you are an environmentalist or someone who cares about your surroundings, buying organic can help the cause. Organic farms have a different approach in cultivating and processing food, they have much less environmental effect than conventional farms. They do not use any synthetic pesticide on their products and their animals have no added antibiotics or hormonal drugs. The animals on the farms are also allowed to roam outside and are given organic feed. 

However, the prominent disadvantage that organic foods have over non organic food is the price. This may outweigh the environmental benefits for many families, as organic food tends to be way more expensive than non-organics. Furthermore, the price on organic foods are 47 percent more expensive than non-organic and that turns people off from purchasing them. It does depend on the product and the seasons but if you are going to buy organic, you have to be ready to pay extra. Organic products also depend on the season; organic apples might disappear in late winter while non organic apples will be overflowing in the market. This causes people to be less interested in organic products as they will not likely want to wait for seasons to change just to eat an apple.

Bottom line

So should you or should you not buy organic products? If you have the cash, go for it, but it is not recommended if you are on a tight budget. However if you still like to buy and support organic products because of its environmental advantage, then prioritize on which product to buy so that you don’t have to break your wallet trying to help green the earth. There are certain fruits and vegetables that contain higher amounts of pesticides and fertilizers than others so prioritize your budget on these products instead and buy the remaining groceries in the non organic section because at the end of the day, there really is not much of a difference. 


How Does Slot Machines Work and How Much is the Chance of Winning?

This does not assume that winning in slots is free, because in every casino slot machines are the most strong and loudest game. Take these casino information into consideration to maximize the chances of winning slots.

Many people may think playing online slots is one of the easiest playing methods. While it could be accurate, critical thinking is still involved although playing slots, such as online poker strategies.

What is the Mechanics of Slots

Many players do not know how to play in the games, maybe because of negative assumptions like simplicity of play, high chances of winning and the notion of no strategy online. Winning is also an important understanding of how slot machines work, not inherently easy, just chance.

  • On a slot machine this movement becomes entirely unpredictable. On the first, second and third positions, every time the match is played, the program selects a random icon.
  • The machine repayment or compensation is dependent on whether the winning combinations are matched and the combinations paid out.
  • The current spin has the same equivalent probability as the previous spin, making the number of spins uninvolved with the combination of symbols .

Probability of Winning

The chance of earning a significant amount is none for slot machines. Usually casinos do not report results with slot machines, except in the UK. But teams often can not be mindful about their chances of winning.

The more complicated the games are, the larger the prizes, the more slots are played and the money is faster. Nevertheless, whatever the probability of playing slots, the chances are typically below the odds of baccarat and blackjack.