Sleepover Activities That You Can Do With Your Friends

Having a sleepover part with your girlfriends is always a great way to bond and make memories with them. Just you and your girlfriends hanging around wearing your pajamas and snacking to a bunch of unhealthy snacks. It’s every girl’s dream to have a sleepover party with their favorite girlfriends. Here are some activities ideas that you can do during a sleepover party with your girlfriends. 

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Binge-Watching Movies 

A sleepover party is not complete without watching a movie. Instead of watching one movie, you can spend all night binge-watching on movies that you’ve never seen. It can be horror movies, psychological movies, or some classic romantic comedy movies to watch with your friends. Make sure that you are stock up with snacks for this sleepover party. 

Play A Game 

It is always fun to play a game with your friends whether it is a board game like Monopoly or Twister or maybe some physical game like Wi Games. You can do a competition and the loser have to grant a wish for the winner and you can also play online casino games with your friends while wearing comfortable clothes. All you need to do is sign up on their website and you can play it all night long. 

Fashion Show 

Bring all of your favorite clothes, dresses, and skirts. Make an outfit for each other and take a picture with polaroids to keep them as a fond memory. Trust me, changing outfits and walking around as if you are on a runway with your best friends is one of the most fun activities you can do. 


Baking alone or baking with your girlfriends? I’ll definitely choose baking with my girlfriends. You can bake simple brownies to eat together with your friends or you can just do a simple strawberry dip in chocolates. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as you enjoy doing those activities with your friends. 

Truth or Dare 

Any party will not be a party without the classic game of truth or dare. Surrounded by your closest girlfriends, this is the time for you guys to know each other’s deepest secret and make each other do fun dares. It’ll be a simple activity but you will enjoy your time and you guys or should I said you gals will be laughing so hard. 

DIY Activities 

Making DIY stuff is always fun. Whether it is a tie-dye shirt or a scrapbook, it is a great way to kill time and make something that will look like a fun memory between you and your friends. Maybe for your next sleepover party, you can do any DIY activities with your best friends and make something that you guys enjoy. 


Every girl loves to sing their lungs out to any song. Instead of spending money going on a karaoke where you have limited time, buy a mini speaker and microphones to have a karaoke session with your friends all night long. You can sing till your voice turn horse and nobody will tell you to shut up.