Is Shopping A Pleasure or A Must?

Shopping. Buying. Picking things up. Ugh, hearing those words excites me. It is such a joyful thing to do. Walking around all day long while grabbing some coffees and pastry and then stopping at some boutiques are one of the days that I am looking forward to. However, it got me thinking. Is it a must or a need? “Yes I need to buy some things because I ran out of milk and sugar” but then you came home with Zara and Ikea shopping bags? Ops?!

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People with shopping addiction may be addicted to certain things, such as clothes or jewelry. Some may also be interested in buying beauty products, stocks or real estate. A person’s financial status can set the tone of the items that they will buy. Typically, the richer you are, you are more vulnerable to shopping addiction. The options are limitless.

Our brain loves shopping because it is a reward. We crave for more because we think we deserve more and more reward day by day. Shopping addiction might be a tool for people who are battling stress. They are using it for an escape. How to differentiate shopping addicts or those who buy in moderation? Easy. Individuals with addiction tend to seek shopping as a treatment. They will fill their time with shopping. Then, they also tend to feel like they have no control over the habit even though eventually they will face financial issues, relationship problems as well as other problems. 

A person with a shopping addiction may done some of these:

  • shop to cope with stress
  • feel intense excitement after making purchases
  • Buy unnecessary items or unneeded items
  • Feel little regret or remorse after spending much money 
  • Feel uneasy or sad if haven’t gone for a shopping spree in a while
  • Willing to sacrifice something just for the sake of shopping
  • Desire to buy things online or in-shop
  • Have mood swings when can’t purchase anything
  • buy things you don’t need even if when you can’t afford it
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If you commit some of the actions above, you may treat shopping as a pleasure. Shopping addiction is harmful. It is comparable to any other addiction. Don’t treat this matter lightly. People with shopping addictions tend to be more materialistic than other shoppers. They would also try to treat themselves with expensive stuff by seeking status through material objects, and seeking approval from others. They engage in fantasy more than anyone else. This situation acts as if shopping is an ecstasy for them. 

In a nutshell, it is not wrong to shop. Don’t jeopardize your financial status. If you are looking for ways to increase your income, you can try judi online malaysia or online casino. You could also try looking for other ways to improve your financial status. Things will go south if you are not careful while shopping. Make sure to buy things according to needs and not lust.