Uses of Stearic Acid

Before we get into more details about the uses of stearic acid, let me give you some introduction about what is stearic acid.

   Before we get into more details about the uses of stearic acid, let me give you some introduction about what is stearic acid. Stearic acid looks like a wax-like solid, with white, or colorless, and sometimes has a bit of an unpleasant smell. This substance can dissolve in oil, but it is still quite difficult. Only because it is waxy. Furthermore, it is soluble in water, but you stir it up, you can see the substance floating on water. Usually, it works to produce emulsifiers, lubricants, ointments, lotions, emollients, etc. It also stabilizes, thickens, softens, and helps create a cooling sensation, when you apply the ointment on the skin. Lastly, it gives a smooth and pearl-like finish to lubricants. 

   The first uses of stearic acid are soap, shaving creams, and detergents. It is used to harden and thicken products such as bars of soap and candles. Bars of soap helps to create a lather if you combine it with water and gives you a velvety feeling, so it is a must-have ingredient in shaving foams and creams as well. It also has an occlusive property that promises hydration on the skin through the avoidance or to slow down the process of loss of mixture from the surface of your skin. Make sure to not shake it strongly before you use the product as the presence will delay the benefits that you could receive and its shelf life. This presence is the one that will remove the grime, sweat, and extra oil from hair and skin when you wash your body, face, and apply shampoo on your hair. Other than soap, the shampoo also has benefited such as it softens the hair and rewards the glossy and makes it light. Stearic acid also has cleansing attributes. This is why it is used in detergent powders and liquid. And works to remove the dirt from our clothing. 

   The next uses of stearic acid are for lotions, moisturizers, and face creams. This substance is very important as it rewards thickness to the product and gives it a rich and lustrous finish. It also makes it smooth and you can definitely feel the velvety feeling on your skin. But make sure to check the labels behind the products before you buy or use it. And you can always purchase this substance from 3D Resources, as they provide a lot of useful substances as well, go ahead and check their website now, .

   Lastly, plastic can be used for stearic acid. It gives good gravity, light, and heat stability to use for PVC pipe, platform, profile, film manufacturing, and heat stabilizer manufacturers. PVC plastic tube, stearic acid, is a structured way to add the heat stabilizer to the processing of the ‘coke’ in a PVC film and can cause sulfide-finish film de-colorization because of a protection storm. Usually, stearic acid is used on plastic as lubricants and to reduce friction. For more information, head on to the 3D Resources website. Learn something new by visiting the Dietcepat website.